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Unlock your inner Goddess with an outfit from our collectives!

Thank you for supporting our small business!

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Thank you for choosing to shop small from our boutique.  We understand and realize you can shop from anywhere, but you chose us and we couldn't be more thankful to have you shop with us.

Dawn and Amber grew up in a small town playing dress up and even dressed up their brother in girls clothing.  Dawn loved beauty, style, clothing and always wanted the best of the best.  Amber always wanted her own shop to play dress up in each day growing up.  She dreamed one day of having her own boutique to help others find their passion in playing dress up as well.  Together, they never thought their dream would come true until they were grown, both working full time jobs, and decided to start a small boutique on the side.  Dawn and Amber are hoping to grow their online boutique to the world and offer women's clothing and accessories at reasonable prices that everyone will love and afford.

There is more to be the future unfolds.

Much Love,

Bourbon & Blush Sisters


Here at Bourbon & Blush Sisters Boutique, you will find a variety of the best tops, bottoms, dresses and more to build your wardrobe from the ground up.  Our site stays stocked with the latest trends in fashion for you to keep coming back for more.  Whether it's a special occasion or an every day errand run, we know you will find the perfect piece to complete your day.  We specialize in classy tops, bell bottom jeans, bleached tees, handbags and more.  We are glad you are here because Bourbon & Blush has it all and offers low cost shipping or local pickup all from our boutique in North Carolina.  

Continuing to Grow our Brand...

Bourbon & Blush specializes in comfortable and cute outfits, clothes and the most current fashion pieces for you for all times of the year. We strive hard to bring you the best new arrivals and trendy boutique clothing.  We ship quickly or can arrange a local pickup in our area.  Bourbon & Blush is your go-to online boutique for affordable cute dresses, shoes, tops, and all other clothes and fashion accessories.  Browse our site and we are confident that you will find the perfect every day go to outfit or that date night outfit.  We appreciate you shopping with us and supporting our small business and our dreams of growing our brand. xoxo

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